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The DL Luer Adapter

Luer Kit

Luer Adapter allows the operator to use a DL needle with a standard Luer-style cartridge. DL needles are precision machined from a single piece of solid stainless steel, resulting in an internal surface and I.D. profile that enhance material flow and consistency. Standard DL needle styles include encapsulation, underfill, non-footed, and footed; all of which can be used with the Luer Adapter.

DL Cartridges

DL Cartridges

DL Cartridges are precision machined for maximum accuracy. They are available in three styles: floating/fixed, large-hub, and Luer®-style. Floating/fixed cartridges are used with DL footed and unfooted needles. Luer-style cartridges are used for all metal and plastic Luer-type needles. Large-hub cartridges accommodate larger multi-tip or X-form needles. Custom replacement designs are also DL Cartridges available.

DL cartridges can be used with any style dispense valve. They are also available in either carbide lined for standard or high flow applications, or plastic lined for special applications.

Auger Screws

Auger Screws

DL Auger Screws are precision ground from solid carbide. They are available in standard, shallow for small volume applications, deep for large volume applications, and double helix for extra-large volume applications.

Custom designs and materials, including plastic auger screws, are also available for special applications. DL custom replacement auger screws can be used with any style dispense valve.

Auger Screw Application
  • Conductive/Non-Conductive Epoxy
  • Surface Mount Epoxy
  • Solder Paste
  • Underfill
  • Glob Top
(small volume application)
  • Conductive/Non-Conductive Epoxy
  • Conductive Ink
  • Flux
  • Low Viscosity Material
  • Underfill
(large volume applications)
  • Encapsulant
  • Surface Mount Epoxy
  • Thermal Grease
  • Silicone/RTV
Double Helix
(extra-large volume applications)
  • Glob Top
  • Dam & Fill
  • Industrial
  • Gasketing
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