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Micro Dispensing Enhancement Kit

The DL Technology Micro Dispensing Enhancement Kit enables quick and efficient repair or upgrade of existing valves. This operator-friendly kit offers a simple solution to worn or outmoded dispensing valves without the hassle of off-site repairs or the expense of entire valve replacement. It is available in one convenient unit, which includes the DL Pump Body, DL Pump Mount, DL Cartridge, and assorted DL needles.

The DL Pump Body easily integrates with the motor portion of existing units, including DC brush, stepper, or servo motor types. The easy-release DL Pump Mount features a push button that quickly releases the entire pump assembly from the bracket, minimizing maintenance and changeover time.

The cartridge, auger, and needle are the only wetted parts and can be cleaned in minutes. The assembly is easily extracted with the syringe and feed tube as one piece for cleaning or storage.

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